Strategies Targeting Alcohol Responsibility (STAR)

STAR is an individually tailored skills program designed to help students drink more responsibly and reduce the risk of negative consequences when they drink.

It is also a complementary, evidence-based alternative to the MU Wellness Resource Center’s BASICS program for students who have already completed BASICS. The STAR program is a collaboration between the MU Department of Psychological Sciences and the Wellness Resources Center. The intervention is delivered by staff clinicians of the MU Psychological Sciences Clinic.

The program consists of four one-on-one sessions at the Psychological Services Center (211 South 8th Street) In addition, participants complete an online evaluation six weeks after their STAR sessions. The first two sessions will include personalized feedback about drinking behaviors, goal-setting, and a collaborative review of a recent drinking episode. The second two sessions will be tailored to an individual student’s concerns about drinking and other important areas of life. Options include:

  • Personalized skills training
  • Interpersonal assertiveness: how to communicate with others in a way that helps you meet your goals
  • Emotion management: how to increase awareness of your feelings and make mindful choices
  • In-depth exploration of personal values and future life goals

The online evaluation six weeks after your STAR sessions will ask questions about your STAR experience and related behaviors.

Total cost for all four sessions is $200 (check, cash, or student charge). To schedule your first session, contact us at

Helpful information for students in the STAR program

If you have been referred to this service due to a conduct violation or medical follow up, you will receive a referral within the MU Connect system. A STAR clinician will respond to your MU email address within one week and provide directions regarding how to make your initial appointment with your STAR clinician via MU Connect.

The STAR program consists of four sessions. Each session lasts for one hour from the time that you arrive. You will arrive 30 minutes prior to your first session to fill out paperwork. In addition, you will complete an online evaluation six weeks after your STAR sessions.

The STAR program costs $200 total and is non-refundable. This does not include late cancellation and/or no-show fees.

You will be charged $40 for each instance that you do not attend an appointment or each instance where you are more than 10 minutes late. In order not to be charged the $40 fee, you must email your individual STAR clinician at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. You will be provided with this email address when you schedule your first session. You may reschedule no more than two times during the course of your program. Note that this includes rescheduling due to appointments that you missed or cancelled.

The STAR program is designed to be completed at the pace of one session per week for four consecutive weeks and it is important to the effectiveness of the program that this policy be followed as closely as possible. With that in mind, it is our program policy that all sessions must be completed within eight weeks from the first session and that there can be no more than two weeks between any two sessions.

If you are unable to complete the STAR program within the established guidelines, you will need to begin the STAR program again at Session 1 with a new clinician when one becomes available. You will be required to pay the full $200 fee again at this time.

Again, please be aware that this will also move you to the bottom of the waiting list. The waiting list may be very long at times; as such, you may have to wait several weeks and/or months to re-enroll in the program.

Our policy is only to confirm that you have completed all requirements of the STAR program. We will not release any specific information about the content of each session unless you specifically request that we do so by signing a release form. Ask your STAR clinician for more details on releasing information if this is relevant for you.

In order to guarantee completion of STAR by the end of a given semester, you must start six weeks prior to the end of a given semester (including finals week). If you begin the STAR program less than six weeks prior to the end of the semester, we cannot guarantee that you will complete it by the end of the semester but will work you with as much as we can to make this possible. Sessions must be at least one week apart and under no circumstances will more than one session take place in the same week.

To reschedule an appointment, please send an email your individual STAR clinician. You will be provided with this email address before you schedule your first session.

We encourage you to reschedule an appointment at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment, rather than being charged the $40 fee. Please be aware, however, that our clinicians maintain busy schedules and may not be able to meet with you at the time that you would prefer to reschedule.

It is our policy to not initiate interaction with participants outside of the Psychological Services Center. This is in order to protect the privacy of your participation in the STAR program. If, however, you would like to say hi please feel free to do so.

Yes. Your STAR participation is not considered complete until you finish the online evaluation.

You may leave a message for us at We will do our best to respond within 24-48 hours.